Friday, June 5, 2009

no cold feet here!

I love seeing these pictures of boys in crazy socks. It's a playful touch that doesn't allow anyone to take themselves too seriously. I hope My Guy wants to wear obnoxious socks on our big day.

*PS: I like the bold stripes the best.

Green Wedding Shoes


  1. Love it! I don't think guys get to have enough fun on their wedding days as far as accessories and stuff (not that most would be interested?). I love this idea, I like the checkers and the red argyle.

  2. LOVE fun socks! (I hope so. I work for a sock company!) We were going to do fun stripes, but we opted for the solid blue like the one in the pic above.

  3. I got FSU socks for my groom and his groomsmen. A nice tribute to his school!

  4. That is too funny! My guy would NEVER go for something like that, but it is a cute detail.

  5. That's funny. I love the turquoise socks that match the brides shoes.



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