Saturday, June 6, 2009

whispering pines rustic decor

Glancing through the products of the online catalog, Whispering Pines, I was inspired with so many ideas for our wedding (well, and for life in general). There are some great wedding decorations with a natural and rustic ambiance - and they are fantastic! I'm also quite smitten with their blog...soooo many wonderful wedding ideas...right up my alley.

I'm a sucker for stars

birch baskets! full of pinecones!? rad.

one or two of these in the center of each table would be such a lovely touch.

ah! love these tin leaves.

I thought these were rather magical.


  1. Those candle holders are so pretty and I love the tin leaves. How do you find this stuff?? :c)

  2. I saw their site on the side of your page awhile ago and went through it. They have some AWESOME stuff.

  3. I love the birch baskets.
    I used a regular basket and filled it with pine cones, but love these baskets much more.

    The votive candle holders are magical.


  4. So cute I love the candle holders, I just decorated my home with rustic
    rocky mountain decor and I love it.



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