Thursday, June 25, 2009

real life: broke ass bride

*note: not a mountain wedding...but a really fantastic wedding with unique photography!

I've been following Dana on her fantastic blog, Broke Ass Bride for awhile. She recently tied the knot and posted her pictures... I can't get over them (I've watched her slideshow more than once!)! I've never seen wedding photography quite like this and I think it's exquisite! It looks as though the actual "theme" of the wedding was "happiness and jubilation!" Check out their images must. You'll smile for sure!


  1. I know right?! I blogged about her too... those pictures are beyond beautiful, and I seriously had to forbid myself from going to their photogs site... it was affecting productivity ;)

  2. love the photos. makes me want to put holga's on every table. really pretty.

  3. we must be on the same page today. I was scouring her site after looking at those pics today. ugh. she's gorgeous.

  4. Holla at ya girl! Thanks so much for the love! *blushes*



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