Wednesday, June 24, 2009

wedding wish wednesday: #6 having handy helpers

Being the diy bride that I am aspiring to be, I realize that it will not be as "easy" as I assume. I know that I'll need help, probably crazy tons of it. No no, I'm not stressing already...I swear. I actually think that it could be really fun to decorate and get things set up with my friends and family. There are a zillion things to accomplish that day: make bouquets and flower arrangements, hanging lights and pom poms or lanterns, set up the centerpieces, light candles, do the mantle, cake table, heirloom pictures, isle decorations...and all those other things that I haven't even thought about yet.

My wish is that my friends WANT to help! That people jump in and take part in creating the celebration with us. My sister keeps telling me, "yea right, you are going to be getting ready all morning you won't have time to decorate!" I guess this could be true...I dunno. It just sounds like it would be memorable to spend a couple of hours with my buddies being crafty.

I have such talented folks in my life, if they help me, our celebration will be even more fantastic than I can imagine. Plus, I think it sounds like homespun fun. Hey. A girl can wish.


  1. I don't think you'll necessarily need all morning to get ready...depends on you personally. This past weekend I was with my girls getting ready to go out and it took me about 5 minutes to their 45 so I feel confident that I would have time to take on other things on my wedding day besides just getting dressed! But anyway, I hope your friends want to help too!

  2. You know, I worry about this too. My friends are relatively crafty- and I wouldn't give them anything too hard- but I can just see them getting caught up in getting dressed and doing hair/makeup. I'm sure it will work out fine though. Some things may have to be forgotten but I'm sure all the important things will be taken care of on the big day. =]

  3. Chica,

    I am so all over this.
    *Lights/lanterns+S hooks+ladder=decorated
    *night before+my limited experience/success with florist tape and green wire+your wildflowery taste=bouquet.

    If I could bring it on the plane, you know there'd be a beautiful cake and or pie coming your way. Im here to help (whereever "here" is, hell I can sew up some garlands or a ring pillow in my basement digs in DC.) What are girlfriends for?

    And even if you don't need the help for the BIG day, you can count on something creative being incorporated in your gift (hmmm...Brazil does have some beautiful artisan goods :)


  4. Linda. I miss you being near. You are one of a kind!



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