Sunday, July 26, 2009

autumn invites

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to plan an autumn wedding. It's my favorite season, and My Guy's favorite season, so it's kindof a pity we couldn't plan our union accordingly. Life sometimes swoops in and decides what is what.

I love the colors of fall, the thick rich shades of colors that are named after food: olive green, pumpkin orange, cranberry crimson, mustard yellow, and chocolate brown. A feast for my eyes!! And not just the colors! Everything is magical when the leaves change and that crispness fills the air. It's the time when my family starts to gather, when our holiday recipes begin to find their way into the kitchen, and the anticipation of the holidays gets me giddy! Granted, fall in Phoenix isn't really "fall" at all - but where I went to college - oh man - it was spectacular.

While browsing the unique wedding invitations at Wedding Paper Divas, I felt myself longing for autumn. Yes. It's the best season.


  1. How about this one on Etsy?

    Now that makes me smile.

  2. Hmmm, that web address may not work.

    Go to Etsy, and then to the shop of "powerandlight" and look at the "Falling Leaves" letterpress invitation.

  3. oh yes! that is woooooooooooooonderful and so so so autumn!

  4. Oh I do love looking at all the invites! Its so hard to choose though. My Mom keeps nagging me to pick out save the dates already!



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