Saturday, July 25, 2009

etsy over tiffany's

So my mom is always on the lookout for Christmas, Birthday, and ____ (insert any random holiday) presents for her daughters, and our beaus. She loves the thrill of the hunt I think...and get's a huge kick out of finding those gifts that perfectly match our personalities. She's pretty stinkin' good at it.

My baby sister recently turned 21 (yay!) and my parents added to her Tiffany's jewelry collection (she's the baby of the family and for some reason we all tend to shower her with jewels and other fine things...we can't help just feels right). My other sister was quick to remind my mom that the "other" daughters in the family have birthday's coming up and LOVE Tiffany's don't forget when our turn comes around.

It was then I knew something wasn't quite right. Why did I scrunch my face up when my sister assumed I'd want something from Tiffany's? Sure it's a lovely store with beautifully sparkly things, expensive things, things that make girls weak in the knees! Um. Sure, Tiffany's is OK, I guess. But I was quick to interject that there are shops on Etsy that I would honestly prefer over Tiffany's. I would. I really just would.

"What type of jewelry do you like, dear?" my mom asked when I told her I'd rather have "Etsy stuff." (And my mom really does use lovely words like "dear" when referring to's nice.)

Without a moments hesitation...
"Beth Cyr's let me show you..." and I pulled my laptop up and showed my mom my favorite pieces.... "figured I'd show you mom, just in case..."

She ooooooooed and awwwwwwed. Obviously. Beth makes beautiful things.

Then I showed her the ring at Beyond the Rockz that I visit's beyond lovely and someday it will live on my right hand....or in it's new necklace form (which I'm slightly obsessed with). mom was immediately smitten and gave an extra lil "wow!" when I told her their jewelry was made from recycled materials.

Spent a little while scouting out an assortment of wonderful Etsy shops and found so many things I'd LOVE to decorate myself with. I'd rather own a handcrafted piece of art. It's true.

Who is your fave independent jewelry designer?


  1. You know its funny that you posted this because I used to be obsessed with the the idea of Tiffany's and how beautiful all their things were. And then I grew up and realized how outrageously priced everything was. I sure you understand when I say that I have better things to spend my money on. Actually my wedding ring is from Abazias Diamonds which I may have found here? And I love how different my ring is and how small the company still is. Personal emails to me about my ring always do the trick. =]

  2. Ooooh, it's an honor to be included among such talent! Knowing who actually made your piece and that it was carefully hand created and oftentimes one of a kind, shows another wonderful option for selecting quality jewelry. Thank you for the spotlight!

  3. I am also one who prefers Etsy. I have some of your picks in my "Favorites" folder on the Etsy web site - like that Hydrangea necklace.

    You should see my favorites folder! It's huge! I like Tiffany's, but really prefer more artistic jewelry.

    At my last birthday, my friends asked me to e-mail some selections from my Etsy favorites and they chose from there. I also tend to buy their gifts on Etsy and they are always thrilled with how unique everything is.

  4. I love Etsy, and the personalization it offers. Tiffany's is great, but on Etsy you can find something exactly right for everyone, which is what (I think) gifting is all about. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Do you know how much I LOVE that antique sparrow necklace? It's incredible...and much better than what Tiffany's has to offer. I agree 100%.



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