Tuesday, July 21, 2009

wedding wish wednesday #10: keep him in the loop

I am in love with the sweetest man in the world. He's supportive of my endeavors, embraces my quirks and cherishes my heart. I am absolutely crazy about him and feel like we really are the luckiest to have found each other.

I mention those things because I don't want to "take over" this entire wedding process. I have this blog to posts bits of beauty for MY inspiration, but I don't want to leave my love in dust just because he doesn't fantasize about beautiful wedding cakes or bouquets. It's easy to leave him out, that sounds awful, but it's true. There aren't a whole lot of wedding logistics that he gets "into". And more often that not, I'll ask him what he thinks about something and he'll wink at me and say, "whatever you like" and really mean it!

Flowers? Yea, he doesn't really care. Not that he doesn't care, it's just that...well...flowers are flowers...and all are actually pretty....so in the end it just really doesn't matter.
Centerpieces? Um, again, not all that important in the grand scheme of things.
Cake design? Yea right.
Cake topper? Don't make me giggle.
Stationary design? Nope.
The overall design of the event? Doesn't keep him up at night.

But ask him about food? Oh. He has serious opinions.
Beverages. Yes! Yes! He cares! Local brews please!
Gifts he'll be giving his groomsmen? So very personalized and wonderful!
Invitations? As environmentally friendly as humanly possible.
Bridal party? Wants to take care of our buds as much as financially possible.
Boutonniere? Something with a small pinecone.
First dance? He wants to pick out the tune.
Vows? He wants us to compose our own (which I don't know if I can even handle!)

This is a celebration of our union. I don't, for one minute, want to isolate him and take over this event to be about me the bride. If he makes choices that aren't my favorite, I want to just flow with it!. My wish is that I plan this wedding ALONGSIDE him. That I don't go skipping through the pretty meadows of wedding planning and leave him behind. I am excited to share this journey with him, and I know our relationship will grow during this process.

Oh I just love him!


  1. Well that's good to hear that there are some things he cares about! I think most men are like that, I know my husband is. He could care less about the overall "decor" for the big wedding we'll have next year, but you better believe he has some serious opinions about the food!

  2. I agree with Color Me Green. you are adorably in love!



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