Sunday, August 16, 2009

advice for bridal bloggers

I've been blogging for around 5 months now - and I'm loving it! I've met sooo many inspirational venders and artists, a slew of the most amazing bridal blogging buds, have cherished this creative outlet in my hectic life, and have accomplished so much wedding planning!

However. I have some advice that I feel compelled to throw out there to new bridal bloggers...
remain anonymous.

I find myself craving to vent...yearning to divulge details...enticed to write the crazy stories of drama....and I long to seek advice from you fine folks. But...those posts will never be written (and for the unfortunate entry that snuck by me...well...whoops).

With weddings comes drama...friends drama...drama drama. And you'll want a place to talk about it...well...I do anyway. You might find yourself in that situation...I try to be a drama free zone...but it still creeps up...and it's drives me NUTS.

I don't want to entirely mislead you - it's a joy for me to share this site with my friends in far off places (hello New England and Brazil!), and my aunt in Seattle :-) But still.

Those are my two cents.


  1. In respect to "anonymity" I will remain so, but I could not disagree with you more, especially regarding your blog. You have a photo up, you talk about friends and family, where you live - and you are not anonymous. People may not know your name, but anonymous you are not.

    Granted, blogs can create unnecessary drama if one vents without edit. However, it is in every bride's (every person's) nature to let loose if something is bothering them. It's the manner in which one communicates that can be deadly.

  2. Oh, I couldn't agree MORE. I WISH I had used a new and different email address for my wedding blog, so that it would not be connected with my other blogs! My dad reads my wedding blog.... it's sweet that he's so interested, but there are a million dramas that I'd love to be able to vent about that are never gonna see the light of day. I've even contemplated starting a new anonymous blog... but it seems like a lot of trouble. Think it through *before* you start blogging, and stay anonymous!

  3. Dear "Anonymous"

    I realize I'm not anonymous...obviously. I am just throwing it out there that sometimes I wish I was.

  4. Some people obviously don't read thoroughly do they? ;-)
    I know what you mean, that was one of the things I like about my blog. No one knows of it except myself and my husband. If they ever do find out...well then that's their fault. Its nice to rave and rant every once and awhile.

  5. i know exactly what you mean. you could always start another anonymous blog...but even when i was anonymous i was so paranoid about being discovered.

  6. If you are careful what you write, you could always start another blog and remain anonymous. Your call, obviously.

  7. Yeah there have been many calls for pictures of my wedding and I want to put them up but I don't quite know if I can show my face. Definitely tough...



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