Saturday, August 15, 2009

christian makes pretty sandals

I've seen several posts on different bridal blogs where the brides splurge on DIVINE foot wear. I've seen lots of Jimmy Choo's, Christian Louboutin's, and Minolo Blanik's. Many of these brides justify their splurge because they will be able to wear those stellar stilletos again.

I'm all about a bridal splurge or two! But dang. My feet would kill after 5 minutes. No matter how amazing the design, I just can't even look at them without clenching my toes in anxiety.

I'd rock the Christian Louboutin's pictured below...they are a close relative to the mile high shoes above, but these are foot friendly. But in real life, whatever I end up wearing, I know I'll wish I was in my Chaco's.


  1. I am so with you on this one.
    I think about getting a short dress - but then I'm like - ah, but I don't want to wear heels...
    I want to wear flats for sure.
    I can't handle wearing heals.

  2. So wear them! Maybe not for the ceremony, but after! It is after all a mountain themed wedding so they'd be the perfect match! My husband and I have talked about wearing converse for our wedding (if he doesn't wear his dress uniform like he did in our civil ceremony) next year. Its all about those little details that fit YOU.

  3. I wore my chacos to my reception. My dress was long and hemmed for the two inch heels (wedges, of course) I wore for the ceremony...chacos aren't that tall, but they gave me a little height and were (obviously) super comfortable. I highly recommend it!



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