Monday, August 31, 2009

new england

It was a looooooooong drive to New England. But we made it! Safe and sound...and exhausted.

Everytime I make it back to Rhode Island it feels like coming home...the air is so fresh, the plants are so green, the flowers are beyond colorful, the neighborhoods are so charming...and the company is magnificent. I just love it here.

Wish My Guy was here too.

I start my externship soon - wish me luck.


  1. i was wondering about you...glad you made it and that you get to start your externship in a place that feels familiar

  2. Yay! You made it!!! Best of luck with your externship!

  3. Good luck! Glad you made it safely.

  4. I've never been to RI, but it sounds absolutely lovely. Enjoy your time there. I'm sure you are going to "stun" everyone with your smarts and good looks. :)



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