Tuesday, August 25, 2009

real life: a once wed dream

I would venture as far as to say this might be my favorite wedding I've seen in blogland. I adore its dreamy quality. I love the flowy dress of the bride (perhaps because it reminds me of my own frock), I love her hair...I love the way their friends are so involved with their event...I love the colors...the textures....the flowers...the charming vintage touches.

I look at it all the time - hummm...now I sound more like a bridal stalker. I secretly think that's what Once Wed wants...because all of their posted weddings are too freaking amazing for me to handle.

In other, unrelated, news:
I leave tomorrow. As in, I move tomorrow. I'll be in my lil car cruising the 2700+ miles to my September home...pretty excited...still incredibly nervous...and currently not packed. Hummm.

Once I get in the groove of things in my new digs, you can bet I'll be back...until then...keep me in your prayers!!! (for our safety of course....ummm.....and that I don't get any tickets this trip...every time I drive through Oklahoma I get caught going like 5 - 10 miles over...or 20?)


  1. Her dress is beautiful! I love that last shot...everyone is so animated!

  2. Have a safe and fun-filled trip!


  3. These wedding photos are pretty incredible. I love them. Have a safe trip and best of luck.

  4. Drive safely through Oklahoma!! Call me when you get there. I want to see a picture of your dress!! Love, Kami

  5. drive safe! love this wedding too! so inspiring!

  6. I miss all of your lovely posts! I hope you are having a safe trip!



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