Wednesday, August 19, 2009

jaw dropping dress

I'm addicted to the website of our photographer Heather, of One Love Photo. But I have to catch myself because my blog could very well be a repeat of every single post she publishes...her photos are just so splendid.

The images she captured of this glorious dress made my jaw drop. Literally drop. As in...wide open.


  1. Mmmhmm. I saw this dress too. Lovely. It for some reason reminds me of playing dress up when I was little, running around the docks barefoot dancing in the sun.

    It's a good memory. It's a gooooorgeous dress. Women need show off their shoulders more often, I think we forget the potential they have.

  2. Wow, stunning! But I can't help thinking it looks like it's going to fall right off her. It's so low she looks half naked!

  3. my jaw is still dropped. damn thasss a fine dress!

  4. Hey P-nose (I know how you love that name=) the dress reminds me of Tori Spelling's dress, in her second wedding that is. I have had my eye on a dress like this for a long time and think it will go great with my mexico wedding. love ya

  5. I love this dress too! Does anyone know who makes it?... or one similar?



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