Thursday, August 6, 2009

registry questions

Sunday Suppers

My Guy and I haven't "registered" for anything yet, despite the fact that we've had several (several) people ask us about it. (Um...and I get Macy's, Bloomingdale's and Crate & Barrel registry stuff in my inbox daily)

Our deal is:
1. we have no idea what we need
2. we actually need loads of stuff (ha!)
3. we don't know how to pick what is good stuff
4. i feel sorta selfish picking out presents for's odd
5. fine china will not be on our list

Sunday Suppers

I love the fact that my mother cooks using the pots and pans they were given for their wedding. I really really love that. I want that. I want one set of pots and pans, mixing bowls and muffin pans, cookie sheets and measuring cups...good stuff...stuff that lasts forever. Forever.

Do they still make stuff that lasts forever? How do I know what brands are the bomb...and which ones are just priced like good stuff?

We actually have stuff - from college...a couple good things (I love my Pyrex!) but most of our stuff isn't "good" though it "works." I have two little sisters who could very well benefit from our scrambled kitchen collection if we do end up getting new things.

Camping stuff would be phenomenal too.

I wonder when we'll have time to do the whole registry thing.


  1. You know, Evan and I finally just went to Bed Bath and Beyond because of their awesome return policy- anything we got as a gift and didn't want we could bring back at any time any condition. We also are using to do random things like gift cards (rei, ikea..) and cash gifts for the wedding through paypal.

    It is a little odd! I felt so selfish picking all of that stuff out- plus there's great quality brands at BB&B but the things we need are all expensive! I know people are smart enough to figure out how to go together on things if they really want to get something for us, but it still feels unnatural. What I did do though was put a note on our website saying that people coming are gifts enough for us, but if they do want a purchase a gift go here or here... that kind of thing.

    It's all strange to me, but I won't complain. I love the sentimental value, I love the idea of a story behind the gifts that will fill our home. It's like be surrounded with the love of people that we dearly miss.

  2. My daughter and her fiance are registering at REI (camping/outdoor). :o)

  3. We did our registries online... adding and removing things here and there before we let our families now about them. We did a range of prices... and no china. Macy's and Crate and Barrel were so easy to work with. We also registered at Cabela's... but I've heard REI is great, too.

  4. My hubby and I requested gift cards, and suggested some stores for people to pick from. It was wonderful. We got to go get whatever we wanted. It's's hard to know right now what you will need, so this gives you the freedom to get things later when you decide.

  5. Ditto on all fronts. We already have a lot of the things that people usually register for, leaving expensive stuff and/or my inability to pick linens on-line. How DO you know what the good stuff is? We too registered at so that we could register for cash for our honeymoon and later a down payment on a house. Although, I'm starting to think I should have registered for nearly everything at BB&B. oh well.

  6. I JUST did a post on this too! I'm clueless what to register for! We have a collection of items that work for our kitchen but are only so so and would really love to have that nice stuff that lasts a lifetime. In fact, we actually have a frying pan that was my parents! That stuff holds up FOREVER. As for knowing what you need, most websites I've looked at offer you lists of potential items. Macy's is a good example for that. Its funny that you mentioned fine china because that was one of my questions! I love how honest you are about not wanting the stuff. It is rather silly isn't it? Stuff you hardly ever (or never) use? Nevertheless I'm still contemplating it. Our earthenware breaks so easily it would be nice to have something that holds up a little better. But that's just me. =]

  7. Wonder if you could register at Williams Sonoma? I drool over their cookware and it would last for ages. I recommend going in person rather than registering online. The heft of cookware can tell you a lot about the quality. Happy hunting :c) (P.S. If I could redo my registry I would go for quality stuff, we were happy to get what we did at the time - Target Registry - but within 2 years it wore out.

  8. Once you decide what items you will use, just go online and do research.

    For instance, Consumer Reports magazine did a review of pots and pans sets - they left the pots on a burner with nothing in them. The expensive All Clad didn't do well. The bottoms detached from some pans. A Cuisinart set that retails for $150 was one of the winners that held up the best.

    On the other hand, if you google "cookware reviews", some people have pointed out that Consumer Reports didn't conduct any cooking tests on the sets.

    Besides expert reviews, find sites where people have purchased things and reviewed them. I recently did that when I needed a new coffee maker and the reviews were spot on for the one I chose.

  9. I SO AGREE!!! We don't live together, haven't collected a complete set of "all that crap you register for", and I'm at a loss. So I figure we'll register for some things that look useful, be eminently grateful for anything we receive, and replace it with higher quality should the need arise. Because if ever the Need were greater than the Impulse ...



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