Friday, August 7, 2009

twigs for my hair

The Sparrow's Nest is my newest Etsy obsession. How adorable are these woodland-inspired beauties!? I'm thinking they are perfection for my wedding...perhaps hidden in my curls? Or pinning back the lovely locks of my bridesmaids? (ummm...or for everyday wear as I constantly rock pins to keep the hair outta my face)

I'm so very very partial to the delicate twigs, but I adore the lil birdies as well. Yes...perhaps the birdies are my favorite. Or the acorns?

What could be more charming? Um...the fact that these are actually HAND CRAFTED.

And what could be even better than that? Getting a 10% DISCOUNT! And these lil lovelies are already wildly affordable (we are talking $10.50 to $19.50 for sets of two!)

(*ps: friends, for my birthday i'd like one of each set...thanks)

hummmm...I think perhaps these are my fave.


  1. Thank you. You have no idea how much this made my day. I love little birds. My wedding had little birds as accents throughout. (The favors were little cardboard envelopes with a bird stamped on them, filled with bird seed, and tied with twine at every place setting).
    Everything I bought for centerpieces was bought with the idea of using it after the wedding to decorate my house and several items had little birds.
    So, now my husband can *sigh* and appreciate the little ones that will be holding my hair back from my face.

    Thanks! I owe you.

  2. So cute. Just remember to take hair color into account. yours is blonde, so the white birdies might not show up well, while your sister (who i assume will be a bridesmaid) is a brunette, and the twigs would disappear in her hair

    And if you love birdies so much, theres also the feather option (which can add one of your colors?)

  3. wow these are super cute!

  4. I really like the stonewashed birds. Birds are perfect for weddings because they are so timeless. Plus you can use as few or as many as you would like and still make a statement.

  5. You always find the best stuff! I swear half the things/ideas I'll end up using for my wedding will come from you and your blog!



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