Friday, August 14, 2009

registry reviews

Yesterday I posted a lil bit about our adventures in registering :-)

I received NUMEROUS emails about it...most were requests for the cookware/cutlery reviews that I mentioned from Cooks Illustrated. Clearly, I don't think I can post them here as I don't want to infringe on copyright laws . Yet, I figured I could help steer those in need towards a site that a reader suggested yesterday:

It actually includes the reviews that I used! I was excited to explore this site because it compiles several different reviews and makes it's recommendations accordingly. I loved the knife section :-) We registered for the "BEST" knives...not the most expensive (do you know how amazing that feels!?)

I've been talking about registries at work all week. I'm in a clinical rotation with two fabulously stylish young female surgeons - did I mention they are fabulously stylish? Well, they are both married and love talking weddings, so I pick their brains a TON. They had very interesting views/experiences with registries:
Dr. R was recently wed and registered for traditional elements like fine china, and crystal. One single guest at her large wedding bash purchased every single item of her china. Every. Single. Item. AND included 4 additional place settings. (What?) She also received, from various guests, all of the crystal stemware she had registered for. She said she uses it everyday - and she loves that.
Dr. P was married a few years ago. She and her husband registered for both an entire block set of expensive fancy knives, as well as individual knife pieces (to give people gift options). They ended up receiving the entire set from a distant relative. She also received every piece of crystal that belonged to the set she selected (pieces that she didn't even register for - like vases and bowls and platters). She said she uses them all the time - they remind her of her wedding, and they remind her of the loved ones that gifted them those heirlooms.

Both ladies encouraged me to register for the special stuff. So I'm passing that advice on to you. I didn't register for fine china, or fine crystal either...come to think of it, we didn't exactly select heirloom pieces, but I'm OK with that for now. I don't want to give the impression that I don't dig china or crystal - because I do (and there are so many beautiful patterns out there that we would love to have). They are "maybe someday" items. I guess we've just gravitated towards the items we both need and want.

*note: we received our first engagement gift this past weekend, from my mom, it's a book called
Who Knew? and a quick synopsis:

"why you should always store eggs small side down and thousands of other tips, secrets and quick fixes to make your life easier, you home cleaner and your food taste better - all while saving time and money."

Wahoooo! Bring on the secrets!

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  1. I'm the reader that sent the consumer search link. I love it.

    BTW, I am always floored that women who are doctors even find the time to plan all this stuff and care about the details. In my mind, being a doctor seems like such an overwhelming thing that one wouldn't have time to breathe.

    I'm glad I'm wrong. ;-)



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