Thursday, September 3, 2009

single tiers

I yammer on and on about cakes :-) What can I say?. I love cake. The eating of them to be exact. And I think these look delicious. Totally understated...casual...and yummy. I must admit that I love the idea of having a couple single layer cakes in different flavors.

More work? Perhaps. I guess it depends on how wonderful your Cake Person is.

Photos via Once Wed


  1. I love the way that a cake table looks - it makes a wedding look so much more home grown / authentic. adorable.

  2. I love the lavender on top, so pretty!

  3. Love the lavender on top - what sweet, simple decoration!

  4. YES! Gah I know this will sound totally abnormal to everyone but I HATE huge gaudy triple tiered (or larger) cakes! I would love nothing more than some simple little cakes and pies at our big wedding next year. Not some fussy, overdone, in-your-face gigantic monster of a cake!



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