Wednesday, September 2, 2009

wedding wish wednesday: #13 a ring bearer

when lil Thomas was known as baby Thomas

I haven't said a whole lot about the "kiddos" of our event. Mostly because we haven't really thought a WHOLE lot about it. I have quite a few cuties in my really....I have some adorable cousins! But they live far far away and probably won't be able to attend. *insert sad face*

However. My Guy is the Godfather of the cutest lil guy you've ever seen, Thomas (pronounced Toe-mus). We love him! He's the most adorable lil Norwegian you've ever seen - platinum blond hair, bright blue eyes, and dimples! He'll be nearly four by the time of our event...which is probably old enough to carry a pillow. My Guy has been so excited to have lil Thomas be in our wedding...sooo excited!

But. We recently heard that the little guy probably won't be making the trek across the Atlantic to bring our lil gold bands down the aisle. And our hearts fell.

So I'm sending this wish out to the wedding wish fairy...we wish lil Thomas could be there!

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