Monday, September 28, 2009

victory #6: stationary

So many choices. Probably too many choices when it comes to stationary. I'm a sucker for brilliant visual stimulation...and the texture of fine paper gives me goosebumps! How on Earth were we going to select a design? a paper type? a printing company? Omg.

I could, I honestly could, look at stationary for hours. Hours. How do you sift through it all?, Besides beautiful design, and obvious cost, the most important element to us was the environmental impact of it all. My Guy has implemented a recycling program at the school in which he teaches...he takes public transportation almost exclusively (even though he has a vehicle), and he has a real heart for making our world sustainably sound. *sigh* He's so dreamy.

It was easy for us to chose Earth Friendly Invitations for our printing company. They offer the best of both worlds - beautiful designs with amazing eco-friendly commitments!

Listen to why they are amazing for us and our planet:
- offset co2 emissions from their shipments via
- donate to environmental projects
- pledge to recycle/reuse everything possible
- create an energy efficient business office
- compost/recycle leftover paper scraps
- reuse shipping supplies
- use quality, recycled paper

AND they have many lovely designs! I'm ecstatic!! Now the REAL hard part will be selecting which design to adopt as our own....and then what color scheme we want...and script...and composition. Ha! Thankfully this company makes this whole process simple and clean.

Lovely style + eco friendly = our kinda company.

I'm so happy!


  1. Wow, pretty awesome and great designs too! Which one are you going with?
    We ended up doing just 1 page with online (or telephone) RSVPs for environmental impact reasons. It worked out beautifully!

  2. chic n cheap - we have some ideas, but will post it after they get sent out. (don't want to blow surprises for our guests!)



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