Tuesday, September 29, 2009

an orchid for her hair

The morning of one of my best friend's wedding was spent driving around town looking for an orchid for her hair. Of course it was a magical morning, with excitement in the air and smiles gleaming bright. However....she and her entourage traveled to several florists searching for an orchid with zero success. Until, that is, they walked into the last shop in town. That was were she saw the plant with three perfect blossoms behind the glass.

She promptly inquired about the price to the shop owner, and was slightly discouraged by the $80 price tag. But this was her wedding, and she dreamed of having an orchid in her hair. She was excited to purchase that orchid, it was a flawless orchid after all. She told the shopkeeper she would love to buy it to complete her bridal ensemble.

The shop keeper looked at her. Looked at the orchid. Looked back at her. Looked at the orchid. Looked back at her. He charged her $8 instead.

Humanity is awesome.


  1. wow that's an expensive orchid! how nice of the shop owner!

  2. Hehehe thanks my love!! I am currently working on your wedding.....so fun!!

  3. That story made me tear up, seriously, Love and Humanity are amazing. On my wedding day I was sitting in the little salon in the little town where we were getting married with a few of my bridesmaids, a woman walked in an asked for a hair cut, the salon owner apologized and said that since she had booked a wedding nothing was available today. The woman asked who was getting married and we chatted with her for a while, she offered her congratulations and left. 25 minutes later she walked back in and handed me a wrapped box, she said she wanted to wish me well, inside was the most beautiful little artisan necklace and earring set. I was so amazing and cried that someone could be so kind and generous to someone they had just met. The kindness of strangers can be amazing(sorry this is such a long comment post)



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