Wednesday, September 30, 2009

wedding wish #14 via my guy: friends

OK gang...My Guy surprised me with this weekend with a couple posts that he wanted to "submit" to the blog. And I just thought that was the cutest damn thing. Here he is:

Let me just start by saying that I am engaged to THE MOST WONDERFUL gal in the whole world. I truly believe that. Everything happens for a reason, and our chance meeting at Denny’s 5 years ago was meant to be…we are soulmates!

At this point, the enthusiastic followers of this blog have learned quite a bit about me, but I thought it might be fun to get my opinions on all this wedding stuff out there. As a guy I am predictably mum on the subject almost every time it is broached. However, that shouldn’t give you the impression that I have no thoughts on the subject. My lack of concern for the color scheme or design on the invitations doesn’t mean I’m a deadbeat. I’ve always told my gal that I don’t have many opinions about our wedding and that I just want her to be as thrilled as possible on our special day. That and that alone, is my main priority (and thankfully her’s as well). I do have strong opinions about a small number of things though.

While my fiancée wishes for things like pretty skin and sunny skies and handy helpers and family cohesion, my wedding wishes are a bit different. I too wish for all those things because they will make her happy and make our day wonderful. But, as a guy there are things that I want that I’m sure she hasn’t thought of, and certainly hasn’t worried about. I’ll be dropping in from time to time, and I figured I’d start with a wedding wishe of my own!

My biggest concern for this wedding (aside from making it a special day, of course) is that my friends have a good time in celebration with us. I know my fiancée agrees with me on this. For us, this is a day of celebration and more than anything we look forward to sharing it with our good friends. Unlike my bride to be though, I am not especially close with my family. Don’t gasp! What I mean is that I am more of an independent spirit. I have not lived with my family for a lengthy period of time since I was in high school. Don’t get me wrong, I will always be a mama’s boy, and I miss talking sports with my father, but I don’t need to be near my family in order to feel a closeness with them. I cherish all our time spent together, but I’m also happy wherever I am. They’re always a plane ride away!

My friends are a different story though. I have a small group of very close friends and unfortunately we do not get to hang out nearly enough. Since high school we have all gone separate ways to some degree, though we still keep in close contact. (My best man lives in NORWAY! Yea…NORWAY!) At his wedding we were all together at the same time and place for the first time in a while, and it was absolutely a BLAST. This last year or so I find myself really missing my crew and I really hope that as we grow older and settle down into our own lives we can still find time to get together and cut loose! I truly look forward to having the gang all together for my wedding and I could not think of 4 guys I would rather have by my side when I get married.


  1. Loving it and couldn't agree more!

  2. tear. gasp. what a lucky girl! (and lucky man!)

  3. I think that is awesome that having your friends there is so important. I feel the same way about making sure my friends have a good time and feel comfortable where ever they happen to be that is because of me, and I can see why this would be so important for a wedding. You guys are great and your friends are lucky to have you!



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