Tuesday, October 20, 2009

battling bridal bulge

here - this pretty brides likes her Coca-Cola too!

One would think that I'd be working out like a fiend since my wedding is 7 months away...like so many of my friends did prior their own jaunts down the aisle. Clearly this is not happening - not while I live in Philadelphia anyway. It appears that my health is actually going down hill.

I'm typically a regular work out gal. I try to hit the gym about everyday - I actually really enjoy going to the gym...I love the classes...I love the free weights...and I love reading my novels while I Elliptical (I get so much reading done in there!). But that is my big fat problem = I have no gym here. The local spots won't let me join for just one month.

This may seem silly - to fret over something like poundage. But this is actually rather huge - and not just huge as in the size of my waist. For me, working out maintains my sanity, helps me feel healthy, and motivates my healthy eating habits. When I don't workout, I spiral out of control.

I have no idea how that happens.

I started drinking Coca-Cola Classic again - my 'go to' beverage when I start to get stressed (no no liquor...it definetely hasn't gotten to that yet!) And I've been skipping salads for yummier, warm, comfort foods. Oh. And now that Halloween is right around the corner, I've got a bag of mini-Snickers in my freezer. My second bag of mini-Snickers to be exact. Not good. And it doesn't help that every time I need to use the Internet I have to go to cafes...I'm a sucker for pretty pastries behind gleaming glass cases these days.

I bought a couple hand weights, a little work out DVD and an exercise ball. I need to get motivated again. Grrrrrr.


  1. Make a hula hoop, it was the best thing I did this summer and I bet there are hooping classes in Philly.

  2. I wonder if you could find an exercise bike on craigslist or at a thrift store? When you figure out how to get inspired let me know.. I am almost ready to stop being a slug. :c)

  3. Try to eat full, healthy meals so that you aren't tempted to snack so much and so that you keep up your metabolism. Keep healthy snacks, such as carrots, in the fridge rather than Snickers.

  4. Wow. I can TOTALLY relate. I just realized that I'm officially on the 6 month count down to my own wedding, April 17th and lately I cannot get motivated. At least you have an excuse of no gym! I have one a mile away!

    However, I will say that when I realized I did have six months exactly to go, yikes! (like 3 days ago) it kicked me back into gear!

  5. yes...I have a bag of carrots in the fridge...and celery. And Snickers. Guess which snack I reach for most?

  6. is there a local college or university? you can usually buy memberships at their gyms. and 1/3 juice and 2/3 soda water is a better-for you cola alternative that still satisfies that "I want a fizzy, slightly acidic drink" craving that most sodas hit so well



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