Monday, October 19, 2009

elements of literature

You've heard the future hubby is an English teacher...and I tend to be somewhat of a book worm myself. I keep wanting to go search out some worn older novels to add to the centerpieces for our reception. I think it would be wonderfully personal, and would add a whimsical touch to bring a little more of ourselves to the decor of the occasion. I would offer up our current collection - but I think I would be DEVASTATED if something happened to some of them (especially my bright yellow, well loved copy of Lust For Life, by Irving Stone...good Lord). And at weddings...things happen!

However. I keep saying to myself, "keep it simple!" I know that blogland is full of crafy details for everything...there isn't a single detail that gets overlooked in today's wedding world. But I almost wonder if too many details looses site of the whole point? I dunno.

Books or no books, these are lovely.

(Nancy Drew!! Awesome!)
Book stacks via Once Wed, found at Ritzy Bee

Lovely collection of worn reads...via RitzyBee

Brilliant Event Planning - clever to use the name of the author as the table assignment

*though I LOVE this idea, we've decided we don't have any extra dollars to spend on decor if we want to actually serve food and beverages at our event...hehehe...nor do we have the time to dedicate to this book collecting task. Oh well. I wanted to post about it anyway...


  1. I LOVE this idea! Too bad you can't do it, I would have loved to see the pictures!

  2. We used some of our inherited books as centerpieces, we didn't buy any. If I would have thought about it, logically I should have been worried over my Love-songs from Childhood and The Deserted Village, but I wasn't. You're right, you'd have to be okay with something happening to them.

    You're also completely right about too many details and losing sight of the whole point. I don't really understand it. People can go crazy.

    I think you're right on it Jes, don't doubt yourself!

  3. jes,
    you could totally use the choose the name of the author as table assignments idea without having the books on the table as well. Just like in the bottom picture, you could put the author's name & your fav love quote from that author. that way you could incorporate any of the quotes/readings that you can't fit into your ceremony, it's a fun talking piece for the table, & it's totally you....just a thought.

  4. I don't know where you live, but here in Tucson we have a store called Bookmans, where they sell used books for a fraction of the price of the originals. You could purchase a couple favorites for each table (or even a few cheapos you don't care about and print out and glue on new "covers" to make them look like your more expensive favorites) and still have money for other important stuff.



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