Tuesday, October 6, 2009

ceremony stuff

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I was recently blessed to be in the same area code as our dear friend/wedding officiant a couple weeks ago. The two of us sat down to discuss some wedding "stuff." I had my notebook in hand, as well as a list of all those helpful bridal blog suggestions I've gathered about composing the ceremony. Most of the "stuff" My Guy and I will actually have to compose - to find which readings we like the MOST. Remember, my future hubby is an English teacher, and I have a love for the written word as well. We have a list of suggested readings that is a tad-freaking-over-whelming.

For example: Shakespeare. I love him. I loved my summer at Shakespeare camp...so much so that when I returned home I no longer wanted to be pre-med in college. I wanted to be a Shakespearean actress! I kid you not. The fantasy lasted a couple weeks...but it was there. (and yes, I totally rocked out at Shakespeare camp...it was rad!)

So then, Meg asked which play/passage/scene did we want to include from Shakespeare. I looked at her blankly. I had no idea. Romeo & Juliet? How do you pick? How do you scrounge for those passages that melt your heart? I only recently began dog-earring the bottom pages of books I never want to forget. How do we sift through freaking Shakespeare!?

Spark Notes.

Meg is an English teacher too. She knew exactly where to look. Now you do too.


  1. Good idea. I've been skimming all my favorite romantic novels and poetry books for ideas, but this sounds easier.

  2. oh my gosh, i totally understand! throughout my life i've found passages that I find particularly meaningful. but then, 3 months from the wedding, i can't find any of them anywhere!

  3. Totally unrelated to the post BUT thank you for your comment on my recent blog. It actually DID make me feel better. Its always nice to know when you aren't the only one suffering...well at least it does after the suffering is actually over! Haha.

  4. Brilliant! (and a little hilarious)

  5. Haha. This certainly sounds interesting. An ode to Shakespeare; an ode to love; and promises of togetherness; I don’t think it could get any better. If your books are in tatters, the internet’s full of Shakespeare’s work. Google away.



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