Wednesday, October 7, 2009

wedding wish #15 via my guy: booze!

My Guy started sharing his own list of wedding wishes last's the next installment. (and just for the record, I love that he uses asterisks in his posts...)

I don’t need to drink to have fun! True…but why would you start a fire by rubbing two sticks together when you can just pour some kerosene and light a match?!

Let’s get this party started!!! One thing we have agreed to splurge on is the booze. Most of my buddies know how to put ‘em back and I know already they are looking forward to doing so at our wedding. (My best man has promised to be as drunk as I was at his wedding…*shudders*.) I have been to weddings with cash bars and they are not so much fun. The drinks are always expensive…too expensive to get drunk or even a solid buzz…and smuggling in your own booze makes you feel like a lush, and no one wants that. We will have some choice local brew and tasty wine for our guests, and if they want something else then they can whip out the cash…but feel free to drink on us! Cellllllllebraaaaaaaaation! Let’s celebrate! (BTW…my gal hates that song, but I am so secretly having the DJ play it!) My real wish here is that all our friends will get a good buzz and loosen up so we can bust out some sorry dance moves and feel awesome about it! However, I don’t want anyone too drunk…no vomiting at the wedding. *Fingers crossed*


  1. We had 80 guests and between everyone there were almost 2 kegs gone and probably over 60 bottles of wine. And one bottle of rum.

    People were very, very, happy. And the vomiting didn't start until they were back at the hotel!

    It was totally worth the money.

  2. Oh lord. I agree about providing the wine and beer and making people comfortable. But anyone who drinks to the point of getting sick at someone's wedding, doesn't deserve to be invited to anything anywhere. ;-)



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