Thursday, October 22, 2009

change in plans

Flagstaff in the fall - oooooooooooooo - I just love it there! Via TwilightEarth

I spoke with the wedding coordinator at our venue last weekend. It was a great conversation, she's a sweetheart, and so many of my questions were answered (ie: how many kegs do you really think we need? how many tables will seat our guests? good DJs in the area? Shuttle services? Yea, I corned her for a good 40 minutes - thank God for cell phones in standstill freeway traffic!)

One item, in particular, caused my head to spin a lil. The facility had some damage this summer and they are needing to remodel. This is probably a great thing for Snow Bowl - it's a little older and could probably benefit from a little tiny bit of work. The bummer comes from the fact that they are permanently removing the HUGE stone fireplace that I loved. I love LOVED it. I've mentioned that fireplace here and here...and have been planning the decor of the event around it. The structure split up the large space so perfectly - creating an intimate dining area on one side, and a dance area on the had such a lovely flow. Also, my mom, my future mother in law, and I, have been scouring antique stores, flea markets, and vintage shops for crystal candlesticks for months decorate the huge 15 foot mantles on either side of the fireplace. You don't even WANT to know the number we have collected. Will be using them for other things now...

Am I devastated?, not really. I still love the fact that I'm getting married up there...high on the mountain...surrounded by the most beautiful views and most glorious trees. But the fireplace? It will be missed.

Now. I need to figure out how to decorate a huge huge room, so it doesn't feel like a huge huge room. I'm thinking bunting? garland? pom poms? Any suggestions?


  1. I can't help but wonder why a MOUNTAIN venue would do away with a fireplace?! I live in the mountains on the other side of the country and even our dog houses have fireplaces.


  2. Branches:


    Bodi Leaf Lights:

    Skeleton Leaves:

  3. Dear Anonymous:
    I think I love you.
    Those skeleton leaves are magical!
    Thanks for the brilliant suggestions...omg.

  4. LOL. Yes I do love those leaves myself. Imagine suspending them from strings!

    That whole web site just kills me. ;-)

  5. Look at these cream-colored oak leaves.

  6. Endless Pine Cones:

  7. If you hung pom-poms or lanterns above the dance floor in different colors hung at different lengths, I think it would totally break up the space. Then, where the cake is going to be, if you had something above it, even if it were similar, it would define that area as well.

    Bummer about the fireplace, but you can make it work.

  8. Here are a couple more web sites for supplies:

  9. I am using papel picado banners to spruce our venue. Try a banner or paper lanterns.



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