Friday, October 9, 2009


My Guy flies in tonight! You don't even know how elated I am. I miss him so.

This has been a very busy past couple of weeks - my living situation in Philadelphia is very roommates, no neighbors, no TV, no radio, no Internet.'s scary outside. I was advised by the people in charge not to leave my place after dark. Ghetto.

Therefore, I'll be ditching my dodgy digs for a weekend in charming old city Philly. Tonight, I'll be dancing down the streets...hand in hand with the one who loves me best. Eating together...drinking together...side by side. I'll get to see him laugh. I'll get to feel his warm embrace. Oh man...

This is going to be the best weekend ever.


  1. Happy, happy, but PLEASE be careful!

  2. Ah! So exciting! I remember those days! Enjoy each other to the fullest!



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