Thursday, October 8, 2009

ponytail bride


I was watching Gray's Anatomy recently and was totally struck with Izzy's glorious ponytail. It was effortless and oh so lovely. I'm sortof obsessed now. I like this ponytail look... it's elegant and fuss free - words I live by (except I don't always nail "elegant"...I DEF got fuss free down to an art.)

(I posted this because it's verrrrry pretty....but I can't honestly say I'm a "side ponytail" kinda girl. I like a normal pony, and then bring the hair over the shoulder I think...but the "other" kind of side pony...yea...I just don't know if that's entirely my style...hummm...I might be over-analytical)

a lil crimp action is way fun...maybe not for my vows...but certainly for the bars!

So sleek!

These styles just look so smart!

via here
No really...isn't this so sweet?


  1. I rocked the side pony and LOVED it!! Not only was it off my face, it was super sleek and glam (not something I would say I normally am!!). Added bonus: when it was raining out during some of our photos, it didn't get totally flattened!! More pics of the hair will be up soon in the recaps!

  2. Pretty! I especially like the first two. How glamorous a ponytail can look when it's rescued from I-just-pulled-up-my-hair-to-go-to-the-gym. Also a good idea for preventing the mid-reception-hair-collapse.

    But what's going on in Pic #3??? That woman is so skinny her cheekbones are about to pierce her face. Very sad that models/ celebs are not allowed to eat!

  3. i am totally a pony tail kind of gal here in south carolina! i'm still debating to wear my hair up or down in my April wedding. some of these are so very sheek and simple. love it.



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