Sunday, October 18, 2009

*sales* & *steals* sunday

I spent a good portion of my evening last night browsing all the rad thing at REI. They are having a huge store-wide sale...I just love that place. *heavy sigh*

Anyway...a couple of my fave shopping spots on the web are also hosting some fantastic stuff that END TODAY (Sunday 18th)!


In celebration of her birthday, Beth Cyr will be giving a $50 gift certificate to one of her shoppers: get the details here at her blog!

Visit her Etsy shop, and her Artfire shop.

Whispering Pines 15% off Sale
I just love this cute.

Whether you are looking for rustic pieces to decorate your home, or your holidays, Whispering Pines has a huge selection of adorable treasures. I've loved them since I started blogging! To get the discount, type in FALL15, when you check out. Oh. And check out her blog - it's delightful!


  1. I spent most of MY evening at REI last night! Except we had to make a trek all the way to Phoenix to do it. I wanted EVERYTHING.

    And sure. I'll plan your wedding for you. Or just help you get out of the jumble. Which seems bigger than it really is, I promise.

  2. argh! i delayed buying the Beth Cyr bracelet that I blogged about and have been stalking for months... and now it's GONE! wah!



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