Friday, November 20, 2009

boys in suits are hot

The Brides Cafe via Discovery Street

It is so easy for a man to look damn fine. Yes yes, they look good in worn out jeans...their work out basketball shorts...and in their hoodies (or at least...I dig My Guy in all of the aforementioned situations). But really, a man in a suit is a beautiful thing.

This has been a topic of our recent wedding discussions. Groomsmen attire. I kinda figured that the guys would all wear the same suit...or different suits in the same color...or vests :-)

My Guy had the idea of his guys wearing whatever suit they had - especially since all my ladies will be wearing whatever dress they wanted. I really poo-pooed his idea. But now, I take it back. That could look awesome.

One Love Photo (this is a double whammy because I adore her bouquet too)


  1. I know! I'm still trying to decide if they guys should where all the same color or not...what color does your man plan on wearing?

  2. Hooray! Thanks for the suit & bouquet love! We told our groomsmen to wear whatever suits they wanted/had. The suits actually look very similar in the photos. We purchased them all matching ties, to bring everything together. You guys will look so great, no matter what you decide!

    [and I agree with you about men looking great in anything. So.Not.Fair]!!


  3. Oh! Suits in men are so sexy! We were married on October 24th and all our groomsmen wore the same black suit. We got them at Mens Wearhouse this past summer when they were having a 2 for 1 deal. We got 8 suits for the price of 4... and they looked amazing!

    Definitely go for the suit look vs. the tux look.

  4. I love the one from JC Crew...I might have to look into that one.



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