Thursday, November 26, 2009

harvest table details...and giving thanks

This Thanksgiving will be spent with my future in-laws and their extended family in Rhode Island, while My Guy spends the holiday with my family in Arizona. Funny how perfect that worked out. My time in New York has rapidly come to an end. I was not expecting to fall so madly in love with it here...but it happened and I'm hooked. This place feels like home.

However, it's the holidays and I always wish I was home for the holidays. I'm so grateful for my family, for My Guy, for the air I breath, for the beauty of our world, for my freedom, and everything in between... like pumpkin pie. Have a blessed beautiful day.

Enjoy these pretty little table details...via here (thanks, yet again, to lovely Linda).


  1. Love those tablescape ideas! Glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving with your future family. So cute how it worked out like that! xo.

  2. i adore the last idea with the little acorn (?) and name tag! so sweet.



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