Wednesday, November 4, 2009

wedding wish wednesday #19: the moment

These lovely ceremony photos of Alex and Joanna, of Cup of Jo, make me smile so big!
By Max Wanger

I've heard time and again that weddings fly by - that the couple will blink and the event will be over. That after spending countless hours planning and preparing their celebration, it will flash by in a blur where the bride doesn't get to eat dinner, or the couple feels so rushed around they don't get to spend a few quiet moments together. The worst is when I hear about the bride being so nervous about "everything" that she can't focus on the ceremony.

Not what I want.

When saying my vows, I want to be more present in that moment than any other. When I am looking into the eyes of my husband, I want to take in every fleck of glittering green and beautiful blue that they hold. I want my senses to be alive - not with the help of heaps of coffee - but with pure life. (annnnd maybe a cup of coffee or two...)

I wish to feel free on my wedding day - free to feel every emotion. To capture those moments, tuck 'em close to my heart for safe keeping and memory lane. To enjoy, and revel, in every last second.


  1. Great wish - hope it works out that way! I also hope I can enjoy my own wedding day instead of stressing about everything - trying to get all the stress out long before the actual wedding :)

  2. I have the same wish! Here's to being present to experience it all!!

  3. Perhaps one of the most important goals for the day! You can do it! Do whatever you need to do to ground yourself before the Big Day. For me, it was a bunch of relaxing pampering treatments: hot bath, massage, facial, mani/pedi in the days before the wedding, and stopping all planning/ stressing a day before, so that I could just be with the folks & enjoy the ride!

  4. I was sooo nervous that I wouldn't be present, but all I could focus on was him. Because you know that that is precisely what is important, that is what you will focus on. The ceremony was the best part of the whole wedding. I totally underestimated it.

  5. Those pics say it all don't they? Loved how the photographer captured it all.

  6. What a beautiful moment, beautifully captured. I hope your day is everything you imagine it to be & that you'll be fully in the moment, enjoying it all! xo



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