Tuesday, November 3, 2009

inspiration board: yellows and grays

Look what I found at Style Me Pretty! An inspiration board of yellows and grays. Though our day will look a lot less polished than this beautiful, organized board will suggest - the colors are inspirational none the less. *Sigh* I just love yellow.


  1. yellow is darling! I just saw a wedding on fb with grey bm dresses which I thought was just darling!

  2. I so love grey and yellow together! I recently purchased a yellow sweater just so I can wear it with my grey slacks!

  3. I keep coming across you on all my other blogs and Facebook friends.

    So I am adding you!

    Now you have a Colorado stalker. :)

  4. Yellow and grey are so popular right now...I would have never put the two together. Now I adore the combo!

  5. I was debating yellow and grey vs. brown and navy...I too love that combo!

  6. Wow!!! It is really an inspirational board. Thank you for the post. I love it!!!



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