Thursday, December 10, 2009

i want a rad address stamp

Modern Art Stamp

We will be sending our invitations out in January. No, we don't know what our invite will say...
nor do we even know what time our ceremony will take place (how do we pick that!??) but I do know that I want a pretty return address stamp. They are relatively affordable and will keep my hand from cramping after 100 envelopes. (I briefly entertained the thought of having the return address printed, and it would cost roughly $81 - making the stamp option more economical.)

Some things I am thinking about: our invitations will most likely have two sweet little birds perched upon a whimsical branch with leaves. So the question is, with an address stamp, do I want the design to compliment the invitation design? Or do I want it to stand alone as it's own design? Do I care?

Well. For some damn reason I care. Who knows why. But I do.

Next thought, I do like the idea of having more of a complimentary design. Therefore, even though I am drawn to the birdie images, I'm thinking that may be toooo many birds for one piece of mail. We will most likely only use this stamp on these wedding invitations - as we will be moving by the time our "thank you" notes go out. Sooooo...anyhow.

These are all Etsy born...and so cute...


  1. Oo oo ... I want one! Got "your guy's" mail. Thank you SO much!!!!!

  2. I ordered one from Modern Art Stamps on Etsy. They were a good seller. We live in an apartment right now so we opted to get the stamp with just the address on it not our names. That way when we move out of the apartment we can leave it for the next tenants.

  3. Re: picking the ceremony time: for us, it was counting backward from the time we had to stop the music at the reception site (10pm). For a friend, it was being able to include "half past" - eg., half past four - on the invitation, because you never really get to say 'half past' in real life!

  4. Ask Sarah Neal to pick the time. She's local and does fantastic work with lighting and it's all about the pictures. One Love will agree!

  5. Mountain Bride...

    I love your blog! I think we have similar styles, so I have enjoyed reading here and there. So yes... perhaps we have the same struggle... what to put on an invite?! I want to do mine 100% DIY, it wouldnt feel right otherwise for me... but I am so overwhlemed where to even start. Do you have any suggestions? I want mine to go out in Jan/ Feb at the latest. I loved doing the STDs... I am so proud of them and that they feel like how our wedding will be/the vibe. But invite?! What if it doesnt turn out as nice?! What to do?!

  6. I recently ordered a stamp from this Etsy seller and love it! Super fast service too.



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