Tuesday, December 15, 2009

let's talk bridal showers

Truth be told, I've only been to a couple bridal showers. Brimming with yum yummy food, (no really - like amazing food), a couple sweet banners of congratulations, tables full of perfectly wrapped gifts, and rooms full of loving women. Pretty cute actually.

Recently my sisters were trying to get my feel for this tradition. They know that I'm not the biggest fan of being the center of attention, and they wanted to know if this was something I wanted to do.


Whereas the silly games typically played at these occasions tend to be more of the awkward variety, it's still sounds like a blast to have all the women in my life in one place. Well - obviously it won't be all the women in my life - but a handful of them at any rate. We will most likely have this party in Phoenix where my sisters and I live, and where several of my girlfriends live. But I'm bummed not to include all of my east coast ladies (my closest friends and My Guy's family - the women in his fam are a blast!)...and what about the women in my family living far far away? Or my old friends in my hometown? Just thinking about it makes my heart swell that I have so many incredible ladies close to my heart.

Bring on the silly games! The yummy food! The smiles and hugs! I'm excited. Well...maybe ex the silly games and let everyone drink martinis and consume insane amounts of delish whatevers.

Found a few super cute shower invitations from Wedding Paper Divas. Doesn't a bridal shower give you the perfect excuse to be super girlie?


  1. i actually went to a shower that used that exact invitation (the top one). There were 120 women there. I guess it makes sense though if the wedding had 560 people...

  2. Maybe consider a special gathering (in the form of a shower?) for all the special women in your life the night before the wedding? Or a brunch the day before? Or two showers/gatherings/potluck dinners/whatever in two locations during the time before the wedding?

  3. See, it is things like this that I missed out on and won't ever get to have. While I'm a little sad at that, I have to admit I am also a little relieved. Like you, I hate being the center of attention- even in front of just my close family. So the fact that I was spared that makes me feel better. BUT, I hope you have an AMAZING shower. I hope you have no awkward feelings and you are able to completely enjoy yourself.

  4. HAHA The shower I just threw for my cousin had the top invitation!! Too funny. and we played a really funny game - so we'll def. have that one at yours!! Love ya, Kami

  5. Sigh. I secretly want one very much. But I don't think I am having one. Because my MOH is a poor college student and everyone else lives far away. Basically, it would be impossible to have one. I eased this pain by telling my girls that I was not expecting one, so there would be no awkward, "why didn't you throw me one?" feelings.

    Oh, well. At least I won't have to open gifts in front of people. I have a very bad poker face.

  6. Am I the only scrouge that doesn't like bridal showers? You make it sound so lovely (food, drinks!, games) and I have been to some nice bridal showers, but I still can't help feeling like it's asking your nearest and dearest to spend yet more money on you (on top of the wedding and bachelorette party). Maybe I'm just weird? :)



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