Wednesday, December 16, 2009

wedding wish wednesday #22: keep it small

The wedding of Mrs. Espresso via Wedding Bee. I would have probably invited myself to this one.

I was talking to one of my girlfriends the other night. She was telling me that while she was planning her wedding she would get phones calls from co-workers and childhood friends inquiring if they were invited to her wedding. Awkward.

I must admit, I have experienced something similar to this and it makes me feel awful. (I felt like a deer caught in the headlights and managed to laugh it off while changing the subject rapidly.... sooooo.... yikes!)

Our wedding will be small. We want it that way. But, it's difficult to pick and choose our nearest and dearest. We could very well fill auditoriums with the people in our lives (especially since I'm still a student, I could probably invite my entire class and faculty!) and My Guy has loads of friend/co-workers from his work and grad school. And what about all the friends whose weddings I have attended in the past? Believe me. If money wasn't an option, we'd consider inviting everyone we know.

However, we can't. And we won't. But through the process, I hope people understand.


  1. They should understand. Dont worry! Weddings are expensive and people shouldn't feel entitled about an invite.

  2. oh my gosh! i am totally feeling you here! trying to keep it below 150 and it is sooo hard! and none of my coworkers are invited and they keep asking how my plans are and... ,sigh, i feel bad but we want it small.

  3. This is a tough situation that we ran into as well but you need to cut it off at a point. Even if money wasn't an issue (which it is) we would want a small and intimate wedding. But I've definitely had the really awkward - "I can't wait for your wedding" from folks that aren't invited!

  4. small and intimate is my dream wedding. too bad my family is so huge. sigh.
    i love the picture of that wedding in the woods. so beautiful.

  5. This has been difficult for us as well...we actually decided to do a "destination" wedding in Flagstaff bc none of our friends are from there--it definately helps keep the numbers down!

  6. Your blog is lovely and I can't wait to go through it more. Thanks for including me on here ;)

  7. I totally understand this one. Since we want to have our ceremony at my parents, we need to limit the guest list to 200 (and that's pushing it). So far I haven't had to deal with individuals asking me but my MIL likes to whine and slip in ever so innocent seeming comments about how she will have to TRY and narrow the amount of people on my husband's side. I seriously sometimes want to tell her off. Shh, don't tell my husband!

  8. It's so hard. I don't understand why it has to be this hard.

    I have never in my life assumed I was invited to a wedding, unless it was immediate family.

    Even when two of my good friends got married this year, I didn't know if I would be invited, because I thought they might need to save money and only invite family and best friends.

    Why do people not get this? You are not entitled an invite to the most expensive party I've ever thrown.

    Good luck with setting people straight. That's the worst of the worst.

  9. I'm sure people will be understanding. It is YOUR wedding, after all.

    Personally, I think small is super nice. :)



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