Monday, December 28, 2009

parties and road trips

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What a fanfreakingtastic holiday weekend. I gained 7 pounds. And it was the best, most tasty 7 pounds of my whole life. Christmas was simply spectacular...full of New England snow scapes, warm glowing fireplaces, glittering ornaments, and all the joy and laughter that one home with 20 people could handle.

The party continued into Saturday evening when Tommy's relatives threw us an engagement party. I have to admit, I didn't feel uncomfortable as the center of attention. In fact, I was lovin' it (the wine may have helped.) No really though, surrounded by his family and my closest Rhode Island girlfriends - all congratulating us and being excited for us with smiles on their faces was rather spectacular. I mean really - it was overwhelming. I almost cried in front of everyone I was so moved.

It makes me realize that our union is bigger than just the two of us. I am gaining a new sister, a new brother, another set of parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins that love me as much as my own family does. And they really do. They like me that much. And I them.

Such a heart humbling feeling.

Today the two of us begin our road trip back to Arizona. I'm more than a little heart broken to leave Rhode Island. My time living with Tommy's family has been a dream...and I still feel there are adventures to be had! Yet. Time is up, and I need to hurry back to Arizona for my general surgery, emergency dept, and inpatient medicine rotations. We'll be hitting up Charleston, Atlanta, New Orleans, San Antonio, and El Paso on our way. Won't be able to write for a few days, but I will update next year.

2010 is going to be epic.


  1. Aw! That sounds so wonderful! Safe trip!

  2. How fun on the engagement party! Yes, I am so excited not only to be marrying the man of my dreams but to also be welcomed into such a fun and loving family as well...he has a big family of 3 brothers and a sister and all their spouses and kids and such. It's so lovely to feel your family expand and merge during the planning process :) Congrats!



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