Monday, January 4, 2010

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2010. Wow. It's here. It's actually here. The year I graduate and become a doctor. The year I move 3000 miles away from my family to pursue a surgical residency. The year of my 10 year high school reunion. And perhaps the most exciting, and certainly the most important, the year I marry my best friend, Tommy. Epic.

Our journey across the country was nothing short of perfection (despite one small speeding ticket in BFE, Texas). I actually, literally, fell a lil more in love with him everyday of our trip. This was not anticipated. And I didn't even think it was possible. Yet here I am, honestly more crazy about him NOW than before I left for the east coast in August. He is my perfect match and being with him is being home no matter where we are.

To prepare for our marriage ceremony and fiesta we still have a lot of things to get done. We have to locate a DJ, transportation, a flower person, finish writing our ceremony and vows, get our INVITATIONS finalized and sent, figure out what we will be wearing, confirming hotel rooms, and locking down a rehearsal dinner venue. Sounds like a lot. Oh. And I have to study for boards. (yikes.)

At least I'm home. Prior to last Wednesday I was suppose to move to Tucson for three months beginning in January. Now I begin that rotation in February. I'm so happy it worked out that way. I'm literally giving myself this month to get everything together. Whatever doesn't get planned in January won't get done (and it won't matter!)


  1. Happy New Year! I'm new to your blog I found it through the list of Top 100 wedding blogger list. Congratulations!

  2. Really am enjoying reading the stories/adventures. (I too am a bit new to the blog). Such a great job =)

  3. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate! Isn't it amazing how you can fall even more in love? I love it!

  4. WOW...sounds like you have an exciting year coming up :)



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