Wednesday, January 27, 2010

grouping "like" flowers

The Sweetest Occasion

One thing that I have noticed, and have read, and have been told by those "in the know", is to group like flowers. I have also heard that it's easier to DIY your flowers if you stick to the "same color" of all the blooms.

I think this looks smashing. It is clearly a fancy shmancy formal arrangement, not what I'm envisioning for our day, but it's easy to see the the idea of grouping similar flowers here. (And would look just as lovely with a bunch of hodge podge glass jars for vases.)

This concept is touch upon in this article at Real Simple. (Seriously, if you are into doing your own flower thing, you should probably read this....or if you like to decorate your home with fresh flowers...very sound advice.


  1. So pretty. Yeah, I stuck with just dahlias so that it maintained a coherent look without being too complicated. Are you having your friend do the arranging then?

  2. I definitely abide by this rule. I am not very good with flowers & I know it would be a disaster if I went too crazy with colors and types! I am going to check the article out- Thanks Lady! xo

  3. beautiful!!



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