Thursday, January 28, 2010

floral itemization a la Lori

One of my readers went above and beyond and sent me a "mock itemization" for our reception decor. Good Lord. She made this all look easy as I was having a hard time picturing everything meshing together. are amazing for all this crazy help!! Your ideas are awesome!!

This is AN EXAMPLE of one way we could do things....take it away Lori:

The Supplies
Crystal Candlesticks, Candles, & 80 Mason Jars - Paid For

Pine Cones - Paid For

108 sprays Sunny Romantica Roses Yellow (3-5 blooms per spray) - $200
200 stems Freesia Bi-color Orange (orange-yellow) - $200
16 bunches Green Hanging Amaranthus (8-10 stems per bunch) - $161
Case of 8 - 5 pound bags Brown Polished River Stone - $40.00
2 Feathered Robins - $6
2 bags - 100 Skeleton Leaves - $7
Small Glass Votive Candles - Cheap

Floral Supplies - Cheap

Needle and Thread for Leaves - Dirt cheap
The Plan
Brides Bouquet - Sunny Romantica Spray Roses Yellow

Bridesmaid's Bouquets - Freesia Bi-color Orange

Boutonnieres - Pine Cones

Guest Book Table - 2 Lemon Cypress Topiary at ends of table & Crystal Candlesticks

Escort Card Table - 2 Lemon Cypress Topiary at ends of table & Crystal Candlesticks

Family Love Table - 2 Lemon Cypress Topiary at ends of table & Crystal Candlesticks

Cake Table - Sunny Romantica Roses (flower heads only) placed on cake tiers, one complete spray Sunny Romantica Roses on top with 2 Feathered Robins clipped to it. Crystal Candlesticks in back or around cake.

20 Guest Tables - Ivory Tablecloths & Napkins, 3 Mason Jars in center, each filled with 2 stems Green Hanging Amaranthus, 1 spray Sunny Romantica Roses, 2 stems Freesia Bi-color Orange, Brown Polished River Rocks scattered all around Mason Jars, small Glass Votive Candles nestled in rocks all the way around.

Reception Space - Thread Skeleton Leaves on strings and hang from rafters.

Ceremony Site - You can tie more Amaranthus and Sunny Romantica Roses to an arbor or railings. The Amaranthus hangs down beautifully. Scatter Skeleton Leaves down aisle and at the spot where you will stand.

Etc... - You can also scatter Pine Cones and/or more Skeleton Leaves on the Guest Book, Escort Card, Family Love, and Cake Table to coordinate with the boutonnieres.


  1. Ooo! Lucky girl! You've got some awesome readers!

  2. Hi! Lurking here...but I am a wedding florist and want to give you a few unsolicited tips. (Don't hate me, I can't help it, flowers are in my blood! :)

    If you order the spray roses be ready for some of them to maybe come in smaller than you expected. Also...they have a tendency to wilt fairly quickly. I use them often in bouquets but sometimes they need to be "braced up" in the bouquet by a stronger flower. More so in warmer weather. You might consider getting a smaller head rose like the Goldstrike or Aalsmeer Gold to work in the bouquet with the spray roses. Also, you can "cuff" the underside of the bouquet with some lemon leaf (spray a bit of Pam on the leaves to shine them up a bit!) and this will also help brace the flowers and give you a more finished look!

    Or not. Just a few tips. There is a website called that sells wholesale and I've heard a few people have really good luck with them if you are doing your own flowers! Good luck!

  3. Awww Mountain Bride . . . now I have to sign in as "Lori" this time instead of my usual "Anonymous".

    Glad you liked the ideas - you can twist and turn and tweak them to all kinds of variations on that plan.

    Kristen, after I sent the mockup, Mountain Bride mentioned she is considering FiftyFlowers and they do have single garden roses instead of sprays.

    She likes yellow garden roses and FiftyFlowers has one called "Yellow Toulousse Lautrec". What do you think of that rose?

  4. Why can't I have awesome readers? I mean, besides, yourself!

    I am so proud of you for doing this. Awesomeness



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