Tuesday, January 19, 2010

our invitations!

designer: Earthly Affair: Earth Friendly Invitations
design: Juliet
colors: Mustard, Grass Green, and Dark Gray
Font: Script 5 (names) Formal 3 (everything else!)

After playing around with the colors a lil bit, and the font selections, and the wording, we have finally ordered our invitations to be printed!

I have to tell you, Jen of Earthly Affair, was delightful to work with. And quite a trooper I must add. I try to be an easy going kinda gal, but she had to revise our invitations more than once because I kept changing my mind on the font selection...I'm not proud of that...but it's true.

I am a paper keeper...I keep beautiful invitations, fun greeting cards, ticket stubs, postcards. I have this "wall" in our office full of these paper beauties. It constantly evolves. A couple of years ago I "themed" the wall to match upcoming holidays...or the seasons...or I will color coordinate it. I'm guessing our invitation will be a part of that collage for years.

What do I love the most about ours? They are made from 100% recycled paper..."using no new trees and averts waste from landfills." *sigh* I love that.

I'm so glad I entered Earth Friendly Wedding's Earth Day Contest and WON a huge chunk of these pretty invitations! (Enter blog contests ladies...somebody always wins...and it might be you!)


  1. Love them...and especially like the little birdies!

  2. They're so fun! Love the color combo.

  3. We can "hear" your excitement! Fun!

  4. Hey Jes! I have LOVED created your invitations and as far as the revisions go? Psshh! They are no trouble at all! I can't wait for you to receive the finished product! :)

  5. They're beautiful! I love that it says "Mountaintop Wedding"!! XO.



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