Monday, January 18, 2010

i ordered a veil

dreamy picture via here

When I started planning for our wedding last February I was fairly certain that I didn't want a veil. In fact, I guess you could even say that I was anti-veil.

But then I sorta fell for the short and chic birdcage. Loved it for my bridal portraits this past summer! I dug the flower in my hair too. Yet - dare I say it - I was really really falling for long romantic veils.

So I asked Cindy, the designer of Fascinating Creations, if she would make me a chapel length veil. I adored working with her Etsy shop last summer when I was looking for a birdcage...she was just such a sweetheart! And my birdcage was made so lovingly...and she wanted to make sure it was perfect (which it was.)

I did a lil bit of research on veil lengths because I wanted a long flowy one, but I didn't want a ridiculously long one.

via here

So Cindy requested some measurements from me. I measured from the top of my head, down the center of my back to where I would like it to fall (wearing shoes.) The standard lengths for the Ballet length and Chapel length veils typically have a standard width of veil, 108"...with the length being 56" and 75" - 105" respectively.

I wonder what it will feel like to wear a veil. I am excited! And nervous. I think the nerves come from actually looking like a real bride. Me. A bride. In 5ish months. Holy moley.


  1. I went through the same thing about veils! At first it felt too "bride-y" and not me...but after seeing so many gorgeous pictures I decided I'll go for it...for the ceremony at least! Thanks for that diagram - I think I'll go fingertip!

  2. Ooooooh, fun, I can't wait to see what it looks like...I think that it was a good decision to wear a veil since it's pretty much the only chance we get to rock one! (I say that even tho I'm not wearing one, ha!)

  3. Its so funny how many times I have heard of brides who didn't want a veil and then were really excited and even picky about which one they got! Myself included! I keep changing my mind about what I want cause I think they are so beautiful!

  4. I too don't see myself wearing one, but I think some of them are beautiful. I am most drawn to the mantilla ones because they look like the bride is being sheltered.

  5. You're so cute. =] I'm glad that you've found what you want, I hope its everything you dreamed it would be.

  6. I was the exact same way...I was not going to wear a veil until my seamstress put a floor lenth one on when I went into my last fitting...It completely changed the look of the dress. I had no idea how it would "finish" the look, but it just did and now I can't imagine walking down the aisle without it! Can't wait to see yours!

  7. You will look awesome.

    Hehe, I love the drama of the chapel length veil - bride in a very good way.

  8. That picture would have been so helpful. My seamstress offered to make me my veil and was spitting out all this stuff

    Her: So 56 inches? Ballet length? What do we think?

    Me: Um. Yeah.... English please! K Thanks!

    I am ending up with a long froathy veil too. Joy. I am excited about holding the edges and flapping it up and down like a bird. So not even kidding.



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