Friday, January 29, 2010

real life: wild{flowers}

My dreams were answered when I saw this wedding featured over at Once Wed earlier this week. Spectacular. Natural. Organic. Radiant. Real. Fresh. Effortless.

I've been exploring floral design this week, as we have decided to "officially" go the DIY route for this...and the flowers used in this celebration are so perfect and fitting for the beautiful mountain setting. Just lovely.

And that bride? No seriously - how jubilant does she look!!! Yes...this is a rad wedding.

No tears here - only SMILES!

Here is that clustering effect of same bloom in different vases. Looks amazing.

via Once Wed


  1. hi! you won my giveaway! email me at with your address!

  2. I loved this wedding. So beautiful and something you could totally do!

  3. Love this wedding. I especially love the signs constructed out of wildflowers pointing towards the location, so cute!

  4. oh, how beautiful. I'm going with wildflowers mostly because finding sustainable flowers is difficult in Halifax NS, and because i'm tired of dealing with wedding vendors lol.

  5. You will be just as happy - maybe more! I don't know what those multi-bloom flowers are on the right, but I love them.



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