Friday, January 22, 2010

victory #9: dj

Tommy dancin' with the flowergirl


We found a hip young local guy to bring our party to life :-) He has a phat music collection, will download music on the spot during the party, has incredible sound equipment ...will do the sound for the ceremony site and reception, and is an all around cool dude. Oh. And was in our budget.


I took some suggestions from you fine ladies and inquired if he would consider a discount if we paid for everything in cash up front. Turns out this is something that he does quite frequently. So. Hello radical discount.

And Tommy really wanted lights...(who knew?) so we will have lights. Umm...and there is a fog machine...I dunno if we really need all that...but it's there if we want.

I have to tell you that just doing general searches for a DJ online didn't get me anywhere. The difference was asking for referrals from people "in the know". For example, I asked friends/brides in the area for DJ suggestions, our venue coordinator suggested a couple different companies, and the party planner at the hotel gave me a couple numbers (she led us to our GUY!)

I'm just relieved we don't have to download all the music we would want to play via the iPod route - some people have patience for that. We don't. :-)


  1. We just found our DJ too... had the same experience with you about internet searches, got us no where! Thankfully I have a friend/former coworker who DJs and agreed to do our reception. Yay! I wasn't really looking forward to the putting an ipod playlist together/gathering music either!

  2. You are making progress! Some people like the "control" aspect of doing their own music, and some people don't need that. So, is your DJ not online? Sounds like he goes entirely by word-of-mouth.

  3. Yeah! Awesome. Glad you guys found someone you are excited about!

  4. Yay!! So happy for you...yes, i will shortly run out of patience for the ipod thing...I think i'll pass on that responsibility to my man :)

  5. Congrats! He sounds like quite the DJ. We'd like to have a DJ, but with our venue it's next to impossible, so I too will be leaving the ipod thing up to the Mr.

  6. That is awesome!! DJ's can be so hard sometimes. The iPod thing can seem like a good idea, but the last wedding I went to had it "break down" after two songs! Yikes.

  7. Yeah. I will not pretend that I am an Ipod wedding kind of girl. So yay for DJs!

  8. You know, not hiring a dj was one of my big mistakes. Nothing went wrong with our little set up per se, because a good friend of ours was mic man. But I really wanted people to dance and people that went crazy at other weddings, their own weddings, just did not at ours. And we had a kickin' playlist too. So it wasn't that. coulda, woulda...

    good choice!

  9. Wow, sounds like you've got a great DJ lined up! We're still deciding if it'll be in our budget to afford one, but reading these comments makes me feel like it maybe more important than I first thought.

  10. DJ searches haven't gotten me anywhere either.. However, one friend referred me to this awesome website called where they have really trendy DJs. I've been told that music can really make or break a wedding so we are probably going to go with one of these guys. You should check it out and see if it works for you!



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