Wednesday, January 20, 2010

wedding wish wednesday: #24 she'll have fun fun fun

We've been in communicato with lots of our wedding party folk this weekend. As hotel arrangements are underway, and plane tickets are being purchased, I'm thinking less and less about the "wedding" and thinking more and more about how FUN this whole damn thing is going to be!

I know the "reason" for our friends and family to congregate in Flagstaff is to celebrate "our union"...but it's also to see and experience a new region of the country.

I want to party at our rehearsal/welcome dinner! I want go out in Flagstaff that night! I want to spend the afternoon leading hikes up the peaks or down in the lava tubes with my friends who have never been out west. I want to experience Walnut Canyon (as I've never even been there myself!) I want our guests to see the red rocks of Sedona. I want them to see the Grand Canyon!!

My wedding wish is that all our fave peeps have one hell of an adventure. Arizona is the perfect place for that. Shoot. I want to have one hell of an adventure (though...I'm pretty positive I will.)


  1. Wonderful Flagstaff. Been there once and always wanted to visit again. Favorite place was the Snowbowl, so I understand why you're getting married there.

  2. Love that photograph. Although if I were in it, I would surely fall into it!

  3. I know exactly what you mean, I too have been so focused on the planning that I forgot how much fun it'll be to have our favorite people with us for an entire weekend!

  4. if that's the attitude you have ... i'm nearly positive you're gonna have a BLAST!! cute shot:)



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