Tuesday, February 16, 2010

how i got my wedding dress

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OK. Normally I would never admit to this. But the story is so amusing, and makes me look so ridiculous, I just have to share. I consider myself an educated and practical woman, and have approached many decisions for our wedding with a rational eye. (Whether this is actually true is debatable, but it's how I view myself and my choices, so whatever.)

My dress. I bought it January 2007. I think. At this point it's been so long I can't exactly remember...but I think that's right. Ummmm...and if you remember...we got "engaged" June 2009. And our wedding...May 2010.

And yes, I know this makes me certifiably insane. I realize that I am opening myself up to ridicule...and that's fine...believe me...I probably deserve it for a move like that.

To be quite honest, at the time I bought it we had been talking about a beachy Rhode Island summer wedding. And if my memory serves me correctly (which it sometimes doesn't) I think we were even talking about getting married that summer?? At least toying around with the idea anyway.

Back in 2006/2007 I also had an unhealthy addiction to JCrew.com and would visit their site daily (this has since been cured, thanks to 2 years in a row of giving it up for my New Year's resolution and Lent.) But I was clearly in love with their simple wedding dresses and couldn't contain myself when they would go on sale. Obviously...that was my chance to pounce.

And pounce I did. Bought a $340 dress for less than 1/4 of the price. Except I bought it in secret. Didn't tell Tommy and didn't breathe a word of it to a soul. I knew what I was doing was bizarre and probably required therapy of some sort. But it was just such a DEAL! Plus, I figured if I ended up not wanting it, who cares....it was only like $50.

However, when the JCrew box arrived at the door, Tommy was interested. He's not a nosy guy, at all, but he inquired:

T - oooooooo...what did you get?

Me - nothing! why!? it's a surprise! leave me alone!

T - wha.....???

Me - seriously...it might just be a surprise for you...but if you don't watch it I'll send it back and you'll never get it!

T - IS THAT A WEDDING DRESS? *said with huge questioning, slightly alarmed eyes*


T - ohmygodyouboughtaweddingdressdidn'tyou. *smirking*

Me - I have no idea what you are talking about! *as I ran into the bedroom, locked the door, opened the package and tried it on...all while dodging his accusation*

I will never in my life understand how he knew it was actually a wedding dress. I never once told him I was buying a flipping wedding dress, or even thinking about buying one. He said he could see it in my face....and just knew. Whatever that means. A couple weeks later I told him it was in fact a dress that could be worn as a wedding dress...he laughed....and hugged me. But note, he never stopped loving me....even though I am a crazy. He really is so perfect for me. *sigh*


  1. You got me laughing, but I find myself wanting to say . . . "Honey, we're ALL crazy. Join the club." Yes, he is perfect. A man that loves us when we're crazy and shrugs it off, is a keeper.

  2. Adorable story! (and we're all crazy like that, no worries. I just love your candid ability to admit it)! :-)

  3. I love it! That sounds like a my guy/me reaction! I completely understand the Jcrew love. I bought my wedding dress there too! And i love it! So simple and cheek!

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  5. - had to edit for typo...That is pretty hilarious. How DID he know? My husband guesses his Christmas gift EVERY year. I finally surprised him this year. You can't beat a $50 wedding dress. I wanted so badly to get a J.Crew dress for my own wedding but alas, I was determined NOT to have a strapless dress and all they were offering at the time was sans straps.

  6. Hahaha, that's the best story ever. I think you're much less crazy than the girl on "Say Yes to the Dress" who wasn't engaged, but spent $1,000+ on a wedding dress. For $50, I would do the exact same thing!

  7. This made me actually laugh out loud. Especially the part where you confessed to him that "it was in fact a dress that could be worn as a wedding dress". As if you were going to maybe wear it to a dinner party or something else... :)

    And I truly believe that when you're really connected to someone, they can guess what you're thinking/doing very easily, even if it seems like they would never be able to. It's like your brains are on the same wavelength!

  8. I would be lying if I said I hadn't thought about buying my dress during the crazy-cheap sale at J. Crew, too...

  9. Seriously only spending $50 on a dress is a gift from the wedding gods. Its an amazing dress. has he seen it yet?

  10. ha! love it! how DO they know???

    similarly, i ordered a dress on ebay, that came in a big box, and caused my (now) husband to inquire if the box contained a dress.... I do virtually all of my clothing shopping online, and he never before inquired about any of the packages...

  11. Haha! What a fabulous story! I have to agree with you about Jcrew's dresses. They are so simple, yet stunning. And yes, inquiring minds want to know! Has he seen it yet or did you manage to really keep it a secret all these years?

  12. That is so cute that he knows you THAT well and that you were THAT determined to hide it from him. =]

  13. have been enjoying your blog for sometime now, and just wanted to let you know I passed a Sunshine blog award your way. I have been quite inspired by your wedding journey, thanks so much!

  14. Thats awesome! And I'm sure it is soooo loverly!

  15. I love it! My soon to be, incredibly marvelous daughter in law did something similar. Though she and my son just got engaged in November, she found a dress the previous spring. It is gorgeous, she is gorgeous and I love that she just knew it was right. Isn't love grand?

  16. I bet it will be stunning on you.

    P.S. I bought my wedding dress for $99. Looks like you outdid me. :)


  17. I think this is my first comment here. I love that story! And I thought I was crazy for buying a dress 2 years before the wedding!

  18. How did I EVER miss this post. You guys are so.stinking.cute. I love it!!! So great.



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