Saturday, February 6, 2010

love words weekend

Marc Chagall

The night before the day of our wedding
I dreamed that the universe had a party,
And the stars were invited,
Beneath sparkling chandeliers, the planets rejoiced;
In all its beautiful, candle-lit galaxies,
Crowded with glass - clinking revellers,
The Cosmos was Laughing with
Lasting Love and Light.

- Kate Farrell


  1. Chagall's paintings are beautiful and romantic.

  2. that is a really cool painting. i forgot if i already told you, but i just finished Lust for Life and loved it! Van Gogh had such a fascinating story of a life.
    oh and you will love upstate New York in the summer! It is so so beautiful. Hope you get to enjoy lots of bbqs and hikes when you're not busy becoming a surgeon.

  3. i FINALLY sent out your package last week!! remember, you GOTTA show me pics of how/if you use them!!



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