Friday, February 5, 2010

keeping cozy

By far the most practical pretty lil cardigan I've found yet.
I would so wear this a gazillion times.

I've been browsing the web for a "wedding warmer" these last few weeks. I have a bunch of files bookmarked. SO many options to keep me warm in the chilly May mountain weather...these are my current three faves...all from Anthropologie. (Except JCrew just came out with some cute cardis with ruffles on them - a look that I am a total sucker for apparently.)

*note: I've had these images saved on my comp for WEEKS. and i just went to swoon over them on the Anthro website and two of these three are no longer sold there...kindof a bummer.

But it's not like I know what style will look right with my dress anyway. I still don't even know what look I'm going for. It's sorta driving me nuts.

Me. Yea. I wanna look like me. But if I'm not wearing scrubs and a fleece - ummmm...what do I wear? I feel like I should have a style - but I tend to be all over the place. A lil free flowin' boheme one day...a lil conservative the next...a lil "I don't freaking care that my hair is in a messy bun for the 14th day in a row" ...and sometimes I attempt to look polished and trendy. I don't exactly identify with one specific style or look.

I'm getting a headache.

I feel like I have a split personality where 1/2 of me wants to live at Anthropologie and the other 1/2 wants to live at JCrew. And then I look at the price tag and my reality check comes in loud and clear and I end up at Last Chance (Nordstrom's Outlet which is like a huge garage sale on crack). *sigh* Oh, life.

Very boheme....and romantic. Yes?
To bad. Can't buy it anymore.

I think a splash of dark teal would look smashing with my yellowish bouquet...
and next to my girls in gray and my loverboy in black.
Except, you can only buy it on Ebay now - no take backs if it doesn't fit right. Dang.


  1. The teal. Amazing Jes, it would look so rad!

  2. I LOVE cardigans over wedding dresses! In fact, I wore one too! I like the first one + the teal! Maybe you could re-sell on ebay if it doesn't work with the dress? Good luck! xo

  3. You're right, the teal would look amazing with the yellow flowers and the grey dresses. Don't rule out an just because it's on eBay. Order it and if it doesn't fit exactly, It can probably be altered. Don't sweat it. I bought the wrap that I ended up not needing in the last week before my wedding. It will be fine. I promise.

  4. If you have a split personality, then be both! Mix and match. You'll have more fun!

  5. I just blogged a/b this same cardigan delima the other day! And there was one at Anthro that I bought that was already sold out when I tried to get the pic to show! Crazy!

  6. I have also scoured the internet...i have those exact cardigans bookmarked!

  7. I live in cardigans even in the Texas heat. I cannot help it. It's the WASP in me. Twin sets and pearls - yay!

  8. I have the second one in a teal color (the frilly one with the pockets). I would totally be willing to loan it to you if you want! I am not sure what size you would need but mine is either an x-small or small. It is a gorgeous sweater and is in great shape. Let me know if you are interested!

  9. I love that dark teal one. I think it would really "pop" in pictures.

    P.S. I just noticed that one of your readers offered to let you borrow hers. How sweet is that? This blogging thing is awesomeness, don't you agree? :)



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