Monday, February 1, 2010

loverly things

TinaTarnoff - I am a sender of Valentine's Day cards...and the idea of sending cards that can be framed as art are my favorite - how sweet is this "autumn kiss" design!?

Valentine's Day is a short 14 days away! I was browsing some of our sponsors and vendors shops and had to share 'em!

*personal note: my apt in Tucson is pretty dang beautiful - terribly nervous about my rotations...emergency med, general surgery, inpatient....ahhhh.

midori designs - these hand crafted clay flowers last forever....and there are so many pink and red bouquets to choose from! I'm thinking my mom would love one of these on her desk at school.

BeyondTheRockz -antique keys were used to create the molds for these beautiful pendents. The whole "key to my heart" makes keys a subtle symbol for love (you know...if heart shaped things just aren't your style)

quirkybeauty - I featured some of her unique necklaces last week...but this pretty purple headband is perfect!

bcyr: I've always loved her organic vine collection, and she's added new pieces! These are dazzling with those tiny red garnets glowing at the bottom.

NatureFavors - sweet lil Valentine's that are embeded with wildflower seeds! Just plant them!

Megan Hamilton - I've been noticing more and more that fun and fabulous hair accessories are making their way main stream. This hand beaded pink flower is so delicate!


  1. My cousin bought me the autumn kiss brooch for Christmas and I'm going to pin it on my bouquet for the wedding - love it!

  2. Those flowers are awesome! I didn't even notice that they weren't real until I read what you had written. Crazy good.
    And aren't those cards with seeds in them just the best? I got one for Xmas and I can't wait to plant it in the spring.

  3. Love the plantable hearts though it makes for a weird image. "Here is what I think of your heart! I am burying it!"



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