Tuesday, February 2, 2010

our invitations came!

Here's a DIY tutorial from Design*Sponge
about addressing your own invitations in faux-fancy handwriting -
I didn't do this...there were no loops or swirls on ours...
but I think the idea is marvelous!

Our invites came in the mail last week. I ripped open the package before the UPS guy had even walked down the steps...and you know what...they are quite lovely.

So I set out to address all of the invitations. I have nice handwriting - it's not calligraphy...it's not loopy and whimsical...but its legible, and actually rather nice to look at thankyouverymuch. I got them all done too. In one sitting. (I was just too excited...I couldn't wait.)

I gave Tommy the "task" of stamping our return address on the back flap of all the letters. You may remember from here that I wanted to buy a pretty return address stamp. And we probably should have...but we decided to save the $20 and use the one we already had (despite it's stark, and rather unfun teeny tiny font). He did a good job. I was pleased.

I thought, "what the hey?" and sent one to Obama. Eh.

The Honorable Barack Obama and Mrs. Obama
The White House
Greetings Office Room 39
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20500

And we mailed them the next day. I probably should have triple checked for spelling errors...but I didn't. And I didn't even "look up" how to appropriately address them....I just went for it. Shocking. Sometimes etiquette escapes me.


  1. We sent one to Obama as well and a few months later we received a congratulatory note signed by Obama and Michelle. Very cool.

  2. If this post doesn't show how excited you are, I don't know what does. Your enthusiam is contagious, but we don't need a cure. ;-)

  3. Wow...a Dr. with nice handwriting? :) So excited for you!

  4. That's awesome you sent one to the Obama's1 I love it!

    Any advice on invitations? We want to have one of our very artistic family members create a design but we're not sure how we put it on paper. She isn't a "graphic artist" in the computer sense, so we're not sure how that would work...

  5. A Brides Brain sent an invitation to the Obamas and they sent her a letter back. We are definitely doing this for our invitations.

  6. Man, I wish I'd sent one to the Obamas! That's brilliant! I'm so excited for you!!! There's something about the invitations that makes it so real and exciting. And waiting for the RSVP's to filter in through the mail... woo hoo! (your excitement is contagious!

  7. That's so awesome. I may just have to do that myself. =]

  8. Love it, but you couldve saved a stamp and mailed me two, cause I pass the White House on my internship days.


  9. Great idea to send an invitation to the President. I hope he is able to make it...! ;)


  10. I'm so glad to know that someone else was too excited to even reference an etiquette guide for addressing! I did the same thing!



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