Wednesday, February 24, 2010

our dreamy honeymoon


Once we found out that our road tripping through the National Parks wasn't feasible with our insane schedule, we became a couple of brainstorming maniacs.

Things we wanted:

1. an American adventure
2. a place we had never been together
3. Preferably a place in our "top 3"*
3. 1 week long**
4. Southwest airlines hub***
5. 5 star digs****

SAN FRANCISCO here we come! This is a place that has been at the top of our list forever (and remarkably one of the only major cities in our nation that we haven't explored together.). This romantic city will soon have the coveted title of "our honeymoon spot." The first adventure we enjoy as a husband and wife team. A destination we can make repeat visits to throughout our lives. We will feel immediate and intimate connections when conversations turn to San Fran, or when movies/book/television shows take place there.

We are over the moon with excitement!

Note: It was tricky because the two of us have done so much travelling in our day that selecting a place we both hadn't been together was hard! San Francisco is literally one of the only cities that fit the bill!! So it's the perfect place for us. Oh. And this is where my parents honeymooned after their 1980 wedding...kinda

*"top 3" - we each have lists of the top places we want to experience...nationally and globally. When we compare our lists it is AMAZING how much they overlap! This helped us locate a dream destination - easy.

**1 week - this was our limiting factor and why a road trip simply won't suffice. I have no idea how long people typically go on honeymoons...but we literally only have 6 days....6 glorious magnificent days. Then it's moving time...where we pack up our respective cars and caravan out to our new home in upstate New York.

***Southwest Airlines - we have two round-trip tickets we have to use by September. Gotta love that. Free travel.

****Thanks to my Dad's generosity (and time share points!), we will be living like high rollers at a five star super lux resort. Ahhhhh!!!

^note: on Valentine's Day we made out way into a bookstore (big surprise there) and bought our first San Fransisco travel book...and then we cuddled together in the movie theater and began dreaming until the previews started.


  1. A five-star resort! I'd say your new honeymoon plans worked out just fine! ;-)

  2. Yay! We just did a four night/five day trip to SF over the New Years holiday. I definitely have some recommendations about timing/travel/day trips/restaurants if you're interested! It was a great romantic-yet-lighthearted trip, even though we'd both been separately before. Wonderful choice for a week long break - though I highly recommend a day trip or two up to Wine Country or hiking an hour up the coast. SF is surprisingly small and accessible so, after you're done eating your way through the deliciousness and exploring all the cute neighborhoods, a day trip is definitely a nice change of pace. I'd use a zipcar, however, instead of a long-term car rental. You don't want to deal with parking in the city every night.

  3. Woot! San Francisco! A great choice! So much to see and do, urban and not. Def. make a jaunt up to Muir Woods to see the redwoods, and have a pint at the Pelican Inn after your hike. Drop me a line if you need any suggestions. Slanted Door, Cancun Taqueria, Blowfish Sushi... so many great places to eat!

  4. You'll love SF! I miss that city so much! Great place for a honeymoon!

  5. That sounds amazing :) Sounds like you had an awesome V-Day too!

  6. Oh you'll have fun no matter what you do there. The touristy stuff is always fun but I suggest going to the SFMOMA if you haven't been there before. If I remember right it's a relatively cheap admission. And I wouldn't bother renting a car at all! Walk, take the bus, or rail runner. So much more fun that way and then you never have to worry about parking which is HORRIBLE. I agree with A Los Angeles Love- go up to Sonoma and Napa (obviously a car rental for that though. =). It's AMAZING up there. Trust me, I went to college there before moving to ND. They've got amazing wineries and lots of local culture. Petaluma has some pretty awesome antique stores and lots of mom and pop places to eat, shop and explore.

  7. Perfect. San Francisco is amazing. One of my favorite cities.

  8. San Fran is so charming and eclectic. Wonderful choice!

  9. This osunds so amazing!! I am jealous!! Is it weird that YOUR wedding is MY honeymoon??

  10. We honeymooned in SF!!! What a great place to go, we so loved it! I am hoping we go back this fall for a quick anniversary trip. How nice of your dad to help out.

  11. We have to be sisters from another mister. We are going to have a mini honeymoon in San Fran too! And we were looking into an adventure honeymoon in Canada.

    We really want to do the "Moose Run" together which is in Canada. My fiance already did it and loved it (he is a big adventurer). He did the West and East tour. Check it out, from reading this post I think you guys will like it. Maybe it could be an anniversary gift to yourselves.

  12. No kidding... not only are we both getting married in the mountains, BUT, we're honeymooning in the same place... San Francisco! My fiance and I are hoping to see Napa, Sonoma, and Caramel... I think we'll be telling people that we're honeymooning in Napa. <3 We're driving out west after our Colorado wedding (and we'll be driving to CO from our place in LA).



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